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Naturopathy encompasses a wholistic approach for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing using nutrition, herbs, homoeopathy, supplements and other modalities. Naturopaths treat clients as individuals tailoring treatment to address both the symptoms and the cause of the disease. Natural medicine can complement pathological symptoms supporting health to gain the best possible outcome.

Herbal Medicine

After thousands of years of practice Herbal Medicine is now supported by copious amounts of scientific clinical evidence regarding their use and influence on the body and disease. Allopathic medication began its journey from the humble herb with some original drugs being manufactured from plant active ingredients. For example, the active agent within the herb willow bark – which has been traditionally used as a pain reliever for over 1500 years – is salicin, which later formed the basis of the discovery of aspirin.

My practice with herbs is built on an evidence-based approach using current research into the individual active constituents of the herbs and their reaction within the body and to the disease. This includes cautions and contraindications with pharmaceutical medications, supplements and disease.

Depending on your health problems it may be necessary to use herbal medicine to cleanse, clear and support the body systems aiding in the recovery process or helping to prevent deterioration of current body ailments into pathology which then requires medical intervention.


Nutritionists can direct you to the best foods required for health, however if the foods are not breaking down and assimilating correctly in the body then problems can eventually surface.

Although there are many factors involved in disease such as genetics, environment, stress, diet and lifestyle, poor digestion can be one of the contributing pathways to discomfort and disease. So, yes Naturopaths may discuss nutrition and digestion in both physical and emotional health disorders.

Diets can be hard to adhere to, so instead we can talk about the foods you eat and work together to find an eating regime that is compatible with your lifestyle.

I will endeavour to gently guide you towards eating for your health. This includes ideas for quick, easy colourful meals from all food groups. It is amazing how small changes can make such a huge difference in your life.


Homoeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. It is used to relieve symptoms of disease by effectively stimulating the healing response in your body with a ‘like cures like’ doctrine strengthening the body’s ability to heal itself. Homoeopathic dilution of plants, minerals, animals and just about any other substances into miniscule amounts is taken in drop form under the tongue. This makes it not only a successful remedy but also an economical one.

Homoeopathic remedies do not mask or suppress the symptoms but work within the body to stimulate healing. It is safe to use with infants and children and also with pharmaceutical medications. Homoeopathy works on physical and emotional levels and I have seen some remarkable recoveries with its use.

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